The Annual Danish Book Sale (Book Buying 2013 – part 2)

So today, the Annual Book Sale began in the Danish Bookstores. I feel a bit guilty about not reading that many Danish books, especially since I’m a Danish blogger writing a blog in English and therefore have a chance to tell people about good Danish literature. But of course, if I don’t read it, then how can I tell about it? So my goal this year was to get a few books by some good Danish authors – and I did, I think.

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Peter Høeg is probably the most well-known contemporary Danish author. I have read De måske egnede (Borderliners) recently and really liked it and years ago, I read Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne (Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow) and didn’t like it all that much, but I did take a huge break while reading it so it’s probably my own fault that I didn’t like it. So today, I bought Smilla as well as his newest novel, Elefantpassernes børn (The Elephant Keeper’s Children). I’m looking forward to reading both these books!

I also bought Morten Ramsland’s Sumobrødre (Sumo Brothers). Ramsland’s first novel, Hundehoved (Doghead), was hugely popular some years ago and was internationally published. I haven’t read either of them but I have heard that he should write a bit like John Irving and since I love Irving, I’m very excited about this one.

But I didn’t stick to just Danish books. I also took the opportunity to get a few English books. Not a lot of English books is on sale so the selection was very limited.

battle-hymn-of-the-tiger-mother mrs-dalloway

When Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was published, it caused a huge controversy. I had no intention of reading it since I don’t want to raise my daughters with no sleepovers and only extremely limited time to play. However, I heard an interview with Chua recently – and what she said, made sense. It sounded like she had some good thoughts and ideas so I decided I wanted to give her book a try.

Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway was also on sale and since I only own one book by Woolf (Orlando) and I’ve only read one (To the Lighthouse), I knew I wanted to bring this one home with me too. Especially since I liked To the Lighthouse.

So five books got to come home with me today as well as a couple of Tinkerbell books, a Winnie-the-Pooh book, a princess-ballerina book and two coloring books. So all in all a good day!

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4 thoughts on “The Annual Danish Book Sale (Book Buying 2013 – part 2)

    • I don’t remember much of it, to be honest. I set myself up for failure with the way I read it so I’m looking forward to giving it another go – especially since I really liked Borderliners.

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