3 Years Old!

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Today I’m celebrating. Today The Literary Bunny celebrates it’s three years birthday, three years of existence. And I’m rather proud of that. Mostly because I like this blog, my little place on the internet, and I like it quite a bit. I like writing about books, both for myself but also because it gives me the opportunity to talk with others about the books I read and sometimes get other perspectives on the books. There’s no doubt that this whole blogging universe is amazing and inspiring. There’s no doubt either that if I stayed away from the blogging world, my wish list wasn’t so completely out of control. But where’s the fun in that?! I like being a part of this blogging community even though I don’t always participate as much as I would like. But I read a lot of blogs even though I don’t always get around to commenting and I love keeping up to date this way.
I don’t plan on changing a lot on the blog in the next year. It’s slowly and steady growing and I like that. Of course I wouldn’t mind being Freshly Pressed again here at WordPress because the one time that happened, it was a mad and wonderful ride but I also like this more quiet form of existence with slowly more and more people following, more people to talk books with.
The only change I am planning right now, is that I want to start participating in Wordless Wednesday. I want to make this blog become more true to it’s name so each Wednesday, I hope to share a picture of one or more of the bunnies – and then we’ll talk books the rest of the time!
There’s no doubt that books are my passion and if I could go back and change something, I would have studied literature at university. But it is probably for the best that I didn’t so that books can stay a hobby – but I do hope to study it some day although just for my own enjoyment.
I want to thank all you wonderful people out there who keeps coming back, who keeps signing up and who keeps commenting. You are a huge part of the reason why The Literary Bunny is still alive, jumping around and wagging it’s long ears.

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