Maybe this is the literary movie of the year?

Well, another well-known novel is made into a movie this year. Like The Great Gatsby and Les Misérables, it’s a book that I haven’t read – but plan to read even though I don’t own this one.

Take a look at this amazing, 6 minutes long trailer. Unfortunately, I can’t embed it since it has been taken down from youtube. But click the link and watch the beautiful trailer to Cloud Atlas, the novel by David Mitchell, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving and with Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant and many others. It premieres in October and after watching that trailer, I really have to get my hands on the book and read it and then watch the movie. It looks fascinating and stunning and I really can’t wait to read it and watch it!

Is this just the year for making movies out of great books? This could make for a very interesting Academy Awards next year!

Official site.

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