Book Buying 2014 #1

So I lasted all of 18 days before I just had to buy some new books. I had decided that I wanted to wait and not buy any books until we got to Copenhagen at the end of this month, but well, that didn’t happen. And I’m still buying books in Copenhagen!
9780007270613I’ve planned to reread Lord of the Rings this year and since I only owned a translation of The Hobbit, I had to buy this one. Especially since it wasn’t a movie tie-in version. I’ve watched the first of the Hobbit movies and I was not impressed, let’s put it that way. Which is another reason I want to reread this book because I only have a narrow recollection of if from back years ago, when my mother read it to me. I bought a paperback edition, beautifully illustrated by Alan Lee, and I’m looking forward to reading first The Hobbit and then Lord of the Rings right after for the first time in my life.
nos-4r211-669x1024My other new acquisition, yes I did limit myself to two, is NOS4R2 by Joe Hill. I’ve been wanting this since it was published last year because it sounds really good. And ever since I read that Stephen King said that Joe Hill could easily finish King’s book if King died because Hill writes in a way close to King’s writing – but has a better fantasy. I love Stephen King and he is rather imaginative and inventive so if he thinks Hill has more imagination, I’m game!
So I’m looking very much forward to both these books and hope to actually get around to reading them this year. I hope they will not suffer the tsundoku faith – a wonderful Japanese word meaning ‘the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books’. So while my books are not piled up, but placed nicely in alphabetical order on the shelves, the rest of that word fits extremely well. I have around 200 books which I have bought but not read. I’m trying to get that number down, but not succeeding. Still, I hope to get to these two sometime this year and if not, I like having a fancy word to describe what I’m doing so thanks to Vishy for teaching me this word!