In the mail today …

So in the mail today, two new books. Both newly published, both some of the books I’ve been most looking forward to this year.

Joyce Carol Oates: Mudwoman

Well, JCO is one of my favorite authors – I just love her books. This one is about a girl abandoned by her mother and is lucky to survive. She is adopted and everything seems to be going perfectly for her – she becomes the first female president of an Ivy League university. But as the USA is nearing war with Iraq, she is challenged at work and she starts to fall apart. JCO writes women so well, she writes women with issues even better and this sounds like a classic JCO novel, touching upon her most known themes. This was the novel JCO was writing when she also was writing A Widow’s Story about loosing her husband. I’m thinking about reading the two together – or at least right after one another. I think that could be an interesting way of attacking this novel.

Gail Carriger: Timeless (The Parasol Protectorate #5)

So this is one of my favorite fluff  series. I love reading about Alexia Tarabotti and her adventures with her werewolf hubby, her favorite vampire friend and all the rest of the assorted company she keeps around. In this one, Alexia is trying to cope with having a toddler – which we all know can be really challenging! On top of that, something is happening in Egupt and the vampire Queen of the Alexandria Hive wants something from her. These are usually a great romp, a very fun light read. I’ve enjoyed the first four in the series, so I’m looking forward to reading this fifth installment.

More to look forward to in 2012

So even though I’ve already posted a list of 12 books to look forward to in 2012, I found out there’s more goodies coming out this year… 2012 looks to be a treasure trove of exciting books! So here’s more.

  • Gail Carriger: Timeless. The fifth installment in the Parasol Protectorate series. And I’ve enjoyed the first four. Fun fluffy and easy steampunk.
  • Charlaine Harris. Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12). Another Sookie novel. I have only read one of these yet but watched almost all 4 seasons of the HBO tv series. The show is really, really great. I know that there’s differences between the novels and the show but I haven’t read far enough to really discover these. So because I love the show, I’ll keep reading these for now.
  • Diana Gabaldon. Written with my own Heart’s Blood (Outlander #8). So another series I’ve only just started. I’ve read the first one but I want to read the second one this year. And maybe, I’ll even make it further along in the series.
  • Danielle Trussoni: Angelopolis (Angelology #2). I gave 4 stars to the first in this series. It has some new and exciting ideas and although it’s not one I look back one as an amazing book. But it really has a lot of potential.

Besides these, one of my friends, Torben Munksgaard, is publishing his third novel. It’s called Sort Hund (Black Dog). Torben’s books always sound really interesting (I must admit that although I own both his previous novels, I haven’t read them yet – shame on me.). This one is about destiny and coincidence, about how we chase after happiness. It’s called a satirical sci-fi novel about a man who steals a dog. The dog belongs to a wealthy man who is abandoned by his wife because the dog is gone. And slowly, the dog stealer takes over the dog owner’s life. Sounds good, no?

And then maybe, just maybe, Stephen King has a new book coming out. And not just any book, no, the continuation of The Shining. In Dr. Sleep we follow Danny Torrance as a grown up. I will definitely need to re-read The Shining before reading the new one and The Shining is an excellent book so hopefully, Dr. Sleep will be just as good.