Top ten auto-buy authors

I have been slacking off on participating in the Top Ten so far this year, partly because of lack of time and partly because I’ve found some of the topics really hard to answer, some of them because they were not really relevant for the types of books I read. But I think it is fun to participate and I’m trying to get back in the game with this week’s theme, authors you automatically buy whenever they publish something new.

As always, the Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

  1. John Irving. I love John Irving’s books. I always buy him. I have almost everything he’s published, only lacking his movie memoir, two of his early books and a short story collection. I haven’t read all his works yet because I’m savoring them and I can’t imagine having no new Irving novels to read. He is a definite auto-buy author!
  2. Haruki Murakami. Murakami is another of my favorite authors where I have a no-questions-asked policy and just buy whatever he writes. I love both his magical realism books and the realistic ones – it’s just all good.
  3. Donna Tartt. I’m not going broke it anything by promising to auto-buy all if Donna Tartt’s future books. So far, she has published two (both of which are in my collection) and has one coming out this year. She published her first book back in 1992 so that’s 3 books in 21 years. I’ve really loved her first two novels so I’m so so excited about a third. Definitely a must-buy!
  4. Joyce Carol Oates. I really try to buy all Joyce Carol Oates’ books when they come out or soon after but it is so hard when we’re talking about a so extremely fast-writing author as Oates. She usually has more than one book coming out each year so I mostly limit myself to her novels. And a novelette. And her diaries. Ideally, I want to own everything she has written but … It’s close to impossible!
  5. Stephen King. So here we have another prolific writer whom I am desperately trying to keep up with. Again, I’m only buying the novels although I am reconsidering this because King writes excellent short stories. But yeah, I buy him even though he sometimes misses.
  6. Terry Pratchett. I buy the Discworld novels. I don’t buy the Discworld companion books and I haven’t (yet) bought any of his other novels or books. I don’t buy the books immediately after publication, though, since when I began buying them I could only get the paperbacks and so I have continued with this format. He never disappoints!
  7. Jonathan Franzen. After The Corrections, I’m buying Franzen’s novels. I loved The Corrections so so much. Again, this is not an author who is going to make me broke. He is not exactly a fast writer.
  8. Jeffrey Eugenides. I really liked Middlesex and so I have bought whatever he has published since. Which is one book, The Marriage Plot. So again, easy to promise to buy all his novels!
  9. Neil Gaiman. He can publish his grocery list for all I care. I’m buying! Even though he is a difficult author to have on the auto-buy list, since he writes in so many different genres and formats. Still, I am so looking forward to his next novel, I desperately want to get Chu’s Day, his children’s book, and translate it to my daughters and he’s also publishing a prologue to Sandman, the graphic novel series, this year, I think. I want it all!!! More, more, more!
  10. J.K. Rowling. I debated with myself whether I should put her on the list since I haven’t bought and have no intention of buying the various companion books to the Harry Potter series. Still, right now, I’m buying any novel she puts out there so on the list she goes.

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Book shopping in Paris (part 1)

Okay, I’ve edited this post since I messed up and posted about the wrong books … So here’s the corrected post with the books I really bought at Shakespeare & Co.

So I’ve just spent a few days in Paris and somehow I persuaded my boyfriend (now fiancee) to go to several bookstores – 5 in all – and I ended up bringing 16 books home. So look forward to short reviews of these 5 stores. And of course, I’m going to talk about the books I’ve bought!!

So on our day in Paris, we arrived late in the city, checked into the hotel and then went out for dinner. Afterwards, I was really happy to realize that Shakespeare & Co. was still open so that was our first book stop. I’ve visited Shakespeare and Co. before and it is really a great store. Lots and lots of books. Shakespeare and Co. has a lot of history and is always worth a visit. It’s very close to Notre Dame and the Seine and has a beautiful location.

So which books did I pick up in this great store? I picked up 4 books at this store.

Tetsu Saiwai: The 14th Dalai Lama

I have read a bit of a series of Mangas about Buddha and really loved it. So when I saw this Manga about the current Dalai Lama, I was instantly hooked.

Ali Smith: There but for the

I heard about this recently and really liked the idea. A man comes to a dinner party – and ends up locking himself in a room in the house for months (It’s inspired by a 1939 Broadway show The Man Who Came to Dinner). I read a few paragraphs in it before buying and the writing is what really sold me on it.

Paul Murray: Skippy Dies

I’ve heard a lot about this book on The Guardian Books Podcast and it has been heavily promoted on the Goodreads page as well. A supposedly funny book about growing up in an Irish boarding school.

Jeffrey Eugenides: The Marriage Plot

I’ve read Middlesex a while ago and really liked it so I have been looking forward to this new book from Eugenides. It sounds really interesting – he takes the marriage plot idea from authors like Jane Austen and then gives it a modern twist. I really need to get around to reading The Virgin Suicides as well.