Five of my favorite book apps

I recently discovered the 1001 Books app and that made me think about what other excellent book apps there are out there. I think the apps you have on your phone says a lot about who you are, what interests you and who you would like to be. I love books so of course I have a lot of book apps. These are some of my favorite apps but there are many more out there, although not as many as I would like there to be. Still, here are a few good ones.

Goodreads This is my favorite books app. I use it every day. I use it to take notes to what I’m reading and to keep track of how far I’m getting in my books. I never buy a book anymore without first looking at Goodreads and see what others write about it. I like to use Goodreads to see what others think about the books I read, have read or are planning to read. It’s possible to see every book on your shelves, see what your friends are reading as well as check out your groups and see the discussions in these. You can also easily add new books you buy by scanning the barcode. I like everything about Goodreads – and the app is really awesome.

Audible I like the idea of audio books. In theory. But I still have some feeling that if you don’t read a book, actually sit down and read with your eyes, you haven’t really read the book. I get easily distracted when listening to a book but I hope to be able to change that and start listening to some books. I plan on reading James Joyce Ulysses while listening to it at the same time because I think that will make it easier to understand it. I also have a garden full of weeds and I hope to listen to some books while cleaning it all up. This also comes with listening stats so when you listen to audio books, you slowly level up ’till you finally become App Master. I like being able to level up like that – first level requires 100 hours of listening. I think I can almost achieve that by listening to Ulysses!

Man Booker Prize I know a lot of people dislike the ManBooker, finding it too literary or too snobbish. Still, I have read some good books from it’s long and short lists – and it has a nice pretty app. This is probably the award I follow the closest – and therefore I like this app. It has information about the Prize from 1969 and to the present day. You can see the winner from each year as well as the short list, and the long list from some years. Unfortunately, this app isn’t updated quickly enough so when there’s something happening in the world of the Man Booker, it isn’t shown on the app right away which is a shame. I would also like to be able to mark which of the novels I have read but otherwise, I really like this app.

L-Space This is an app to keep track of your Discworld novels. I find it sometimes confusing to remember which books I already own in this series so it’s nice to have a list where I can easily see which books I have on my shelf as well as track which ones I’ve read. The app even features which characters are in each book so it’s easy to buy books within each of the separate story lines in the Discworld universe. Discworld is a rather complicated series to keep the various story lines straight in, and this app is really helpful with that. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated for a long while so it works best with the older novels in this series – the newest novel in the app is Unseen Academicals and I Shall Wear Midnight. I hope this app will be updated again on a regular basis.

Kindle I have a Kindle so of course, I also have the Kindle app. I really like the idea of being able to read your books on different devices, if needed. That being said, I hardly ever use it. If I read a book on my Kindle, I have my Kindle with me and otherwise, I have a paper book with me. Still, I can see myself using it more in the future when I hopefully start to have more of a commute.

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