1001 books iPhone app

So there’s an iPhone app for the 1001 books you must read before you die-book. I didn’t know about this ’till Sarah mentioned it but I of course immediately downloaded it and started adding the books I’ve read from the list. It was released in February so I haven’t missed out for too long.

The app gives you the opportunity to track your progress on both the 2006, 2008 and 2010 list – or on either the core books (the ones on all three lists) or on the entire list (of 1294 books!). You can add your own pictures of the books as well as comments, notes and ratings. It contains a statistics part where you can see when you will be finished with the list, depending on your age, country and how many books you read a month. For each list, you can see how many books you’ve read and how many rated as well as other features. You can make your own reading plan and letting the app keep track of your progress. There’s Facebook and Twitter integration as well so what more can you ask for?

I’ve only used it a little but I like having the list with me wherever I go and being able to immediately check to see if a book is on the list or not and to prove to others how far I am 😉 (not very, I’m afraid).

I have had some communications with the man behind this app, Arukiyomi. This was in the days of the Excell spreadsheet so before the app but he was friendly and helpful and really cared about making it work for the people who bought it, so I have no doubts this app will be carefully maintained and that the support will actually be supportive and helpful.

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