Book Buying 2013 – part 7

So this not buying more books than I read thing, is really not working all that well. I really want to read all the books i own (or most of them, anyway) and I want to work my way through them and own fewer books that I haven’t read, but I simply can’t resist buying books.
So when I had to go to Copenhagen for work, I of course had to go to the best bookstore in Denmark when you’re interested in English literature, Politikens Boghal. This was made more necessary because the bookstore has just been renovated. So I went – and was a bit disappointed. I didn’t feel as inspired as I usual do when I visit this bookstore but whether this is because the bookstore is not quite as good as it used to be or if it’s just because it’s new and different and I like things the way they’ve always been…!
Anyway, I still managed to find three books that desperately needed a new home.

The InterestingsMeg Wolitzer: The Interestings. I’ve been reading a few reviews on this on various blogs and it sounds really good. A group of artistic teenagers form a friendship at a summer camp and then we follow them all the way through to middle age. I don’t know, there’s just something about this book which really speaks to me. I’m really looking forward to this one – in some ways it reminds me a bit of The Secret History which I loved.

n425233Marjorie Celona: Y. So this book was on my list of my most anticipated books in 2013. And as soon as I spotted it, I immediately picked it up. It’s about an abandoned baby, the man who finds her – and the woman who left her. It sounds so wonderful and tragic, beautiful and heartbreaking. I really hope it lives up to my expectations for it – even though they are quite high. I actually haven’t read any reviews of this one but I’m hoping to get around to it very soon and post one of my own.

9780679405795_p0_v1_s260x420Charles Dickens: Great Expectations. So after reading somewhere that this book is about a woman living in her torn and ragged wedding dress and after seeing pictures of Gillian Anderson from the mini-series, I just knew that I desperately wanted to read this novel. And so, when I found it in the Everyman’s Library edition, I bought it immediately and now I’m looking so much forward to reading it. I love Dickens and I really want to read about Pip, miss Havisham and the rest of the cast of this book. Not sure really what the book is about but I’m sure Dickens isn’t going to disappoint me.
So these three books were the ones that had to come home with me. Sadly, I wasn’t much tempted by many other books. I hope to go back to Copenhagen and Politikens Boghal soon and see if the store does carry fewer books or if it’s just my imagination …

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9 thoughts on “Book Buying 2013 – part 7

  1. The Interestings sounds like it could be terrifyingly applicable to my life. I immediately put it on my TBR pile. Sounds like a fantastic premise. However, I have no clue who Meg Wolitzer is (is that bad?). Thanks for the tip!

    And don’t worry about breaking your “no book buying” rule. It happens to all of us. It’s part of what makes you awesome 🙂

  2. I love the notion of books needing a new home. I am sure I could justify a few purchases on the grounds that certain volumes just desperately wanted to come and live at our house.

  3. I have The Interestings and have had it forever! It sits unread. I have very few physical books. Most are ARC e-galleys but this one continues to wait patiently for me.

    I am usually pretty good about reading what I have, but the Fall galleys threw it all out of whack. They were just too tempting! Everything got pushed because of them.

    • I just buy books and then leave them to gather dust on the shelves for a couple of years before I read them. Even the ones I’m crazy excited about. Not sure what’s up with that.
      Looking forward to reading reviews of the fall lineup if they are that good!

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