2013 is going to be a very, very good year!

So on top of all the good books coming out this year I’ve already  mentioned, there are a couple more. First of, it has finally been announced that this really is the year that Donna Tartt will publish a new book! The Goldfinch will be published in October and I’m so excited about it. It’s only her third book and the first two have been really good so I can hardly wait for this one to come out.

And I just saw yesterday on Facebook that Haruki Murakami has a new book coming out this year as well! I’m really hoping that it will be translated soon so the non-Japanese speaking among us can read it too! I love Murakami’s works so it is always great news when he has a new book out. I don’t know anything else about this but I am still looking so much forward to it.

dan-brown-to-investigate-dante-s-masterpiece-in-new-novel-infernoAnd of course – probably the biggest commercially but not the most interesting literary which is why I haven’t mentioned it before – Dan Brown too has a new book coming out. I liked the first two Robert Langdon books but I was so disappointed in the third one. Still, the third one is inspired by Dante’s Inferno and I love Inferno so I will want to read this one too. I don’t have high hopes though but I hope that he will have moved away from the formulaic writing and write an exciting thriller which doesn’t reflect badly upon Inferno.

So more new books to read. More good books to read. 2013 is going to be such a god year!

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4 thoughts on “2013 is going to be a very, very good year!

  1. I get so excited about upcoming books but I am horrible, just horrible at knowing exactly when they come out. The only one that I seem to be able to remember is King’s sequel to The Shining (Doctor Sleep) which comes out this Sept. Oh, and I too heard the news about the Murakami book but it will probably be years before I see it in the US.

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