Library Loot (Friday January 18th)

badge-4Library Loot is hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader. Bloggers share the books they’ve rented from the library.

I hardly ever get books from the library even though I go to the library once a week. Every Friday, when I pick up the girls, we go to the public library to wait for their father. They play, pick out books and they just love it. However, so far, I haven’t gotten any books for myself. Mostly, I buy books, borrow them from friends, get them as ebooks – or sometimes, I get them from the university library. But I’ve been thinking that maybe it would be a good thing to show them that I too pick up books at the library so when we went the last time, I asked my 4-year-old if she wanted to go with me to pick out books for me and she was thrilled to. So we went upstairs and picked out two books for me.

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I’m really excited about these two books! Everyone seem to have read The Snow Child and loving it so I’m really looking forward to it. And Jamrach’s Menagerie sounds so fascinating even though it also sounds like something completely out of my comfort zone. It is inspired by a real event where a young boy walks up to an escaped tiger in London and the tiger takes him in his mouth and carries him away, without hurting him. When the boy grows older, he goes out into the world, looking for exciting animals.

9 thoughts on “Library Loot (Friday January 18th)

  1. I always get excited about library loot! I don’t visit mine too often since I work in a university library and it’s just easier to get them from work, but I use my public library for Overdrive (audio and ebooks) and always have no problem getting the newer titles.

    I want to read both of the ones you included in this post.

    • I mostly get books for the kids and then I order books from the university library in town. But I will try to do better and actually get some books once in a while when I am at the public library anyway.

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