The final months of Clarissa

9780140432152Yes, I’m done with this thing and it’s actually a couple of months since I finished it. I just couldn’t face up to doing anything related to Clarissa after finally being able to put her to sleep – so to speak. But she keeps nagging me – until I write this post and my final review of the book, I can’t really let her go. And I want to be rid of her!

This is the last months of the book. If you haven’t read the book, there will be spoilers. Starting now, in fact!

So we’ve lost Clarissa already and still, Richardson soldiers on. Luckily, we’ve only got a few letters left, mostly dealing with the shock Clarissa’s death causes everyone who knew her. We get to know Anna a little better when she reveals that the real cause to her continuing postponing of her marriage, is because she has liked a man at one point whom neither her mother nor Clarissa approved of which caused her to be in opposition – even though she knew that man wasn’t all he said to be.

Both Lovelace and cousin Morden asks Belford to be the executors of their wills, should anything happen to them. Lovelace is returning to his old ways although he still claims he wants to reform. And of course, Lovelace and Morden agree to meet up – and of course, it all ends in another duel.

And then, we’re treated to a short review of all the characters in the book and what happens to them how they will lead their lives as well as a morality lesson.

And thus ends Clarissa – the longest novel in the English language.

And I have conquered it!

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5 thoughts on “The final months of Clarissa

    • That shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer, now, should it? No, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. It was too long and repetitive. I’m still glad to have read it but it wasn’t a pleasant read.

  1. Well done!!! I think I might be contrary and read the last fifty pages before I get back to page 500, where I mercifully lost consciousness.

    • I don’t think the last 50 pages is worth much. There are some amazing letters spread out in those 1400+ pages so it might be worth your time to read those instead. And lucky you that you lost consciousness at that point 😉

  2. Well, I finished 19 of the 21 I listed in the 2012 resolution thread, so I think first and foremost I would like to tackle the two I missed – Don Quixote and (gulp) Clarissa. I flamed out on the Clarissa group read early (in March), so I have the vast majority left….and it frightens me.On top of those, I too would like to make some progress with the Arabian Nights (I’m about 3% into the Burton translation) but I don’t expect to finish it in 2013 either.Other than that, no specific books or authors – will probably just try to pick away at the list books on my TBR pile with a ‘no pressure’ aim of bettering my total of this year (40).

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