2 years blogiversary!

Wow! 2 years has gone by since I decided to start this blog. The first year was a great year but this second year has been incredible. The blog has grown quite a bit so there’s now a lot of readers who check it out every day. And even more important, there’s a lot more commenting going on which makes it even more interesting to read the posts because they now often involve other people’s views and suggestions too. I love that interaction and I love that more people are interested in The Literary Bunny so it becomes even more fun for all of us.

I posted 59 posts the first year and now, after two years, I’ve posted 202 posts! That’s quite a lot of posts – but I of course want there to be even more posts. This second year has seen me branching more out so there are more non-review posts, of course still book related. I like that there are more of a variety  of posts now and I like that I have started participating in memes (or at least in one meme Top Ten Tuesday) and readalongs (Clarissa springs to mind). I would like to participate in more 24 hours etc readalongs but it’s often hard for me since I have two young children but I will try to jump in whenever I can.

I will try to keep the contents interesting throughout the blog’s third year. Mostly, of course, by reading interesting and fascinating books but also by participating in interesting events in the blogiverse and by writing posts about whatever is up in the book world and whatever I find interesting…!

To celebrate, I’ve updated the blog’s look. I think I have had the old look almost since the beginning and so I decided it was time for a change. New theme, new colors, new header image. I hope you like it!

And how fitting it is, that I finished my second book of the year today!

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6 thoughts on “2 years blogiversary!

  1. Thanks Heather 🙂 I’m not completely satisfied but I’m not sure if it’s because it’s new or because it’s not right. It’s sort of like getting a new hair cut … it takes time getting used to 😉

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