12 reasons to give a book as a gift

So are you looking for reasons to give books as gifts this year? Yeah, I know – we don’t need reasons, we know how awesome books are. But still, making lists are always fun and since my favorite Danish bookstore started making a list of reasons to gift books, I thought I would translate the list – especially since a couple of the reasons are rather funny.


Here’s the list – 12 reasons to give a book as a gift:

  1. It’s cheaper than a bottle of Petrus.
  2. It’s good in bed.
  3. You’ll flatter the recipient’s intelligence.
  4. If you’ve read it yourself, you will have something to talk about.
  5. It doesn’t crumb in the bed.
  6. It’s cool to read. Period.
  7. You can borrow it afterwards.
  8. One size fits all.
  9. It doesn’t use batteries.
  10. It’s better than the movie.
  11. An enlightened populace is good for the democracy.
  12. It makes you look clever.

And here are some extra reasons from Facebook:

  • It’s easy to wrap.
  • It never goes out of style.
  • It doesn’t talk back.
  • It can change your life.

Does anyone else have some great reasons to give books as gifts?

5 thoughts on “12 reasons to give a book as a gift

    • So true. My wish list this year consists of books, books, books, a couple of movies and a few other things – and that’s it. And I kind of get the impression that it’s a bad thing – but I love books, I love being gifted books so why is it a bad thing to wish for a lot of books???

  1. That’s such a cute poster! Thanks for the translating. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought books for people and thought “I’m going to have to borrow that when you’re done”.

    LOL “I bought you a book because it’s good for democracy”… “Um.. thanks…”

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