The Epic Dark Tower Read-a-long

So what, it haven’t even been a week since I posted a list of the 10 books I most wanted to read right now – and already, I’ve had a change of heart…! Despite not being done with the year-long read-a-long of Clarissa, I’ve decided to join another read-a-long! And because reading the world’s longest novel in the English language wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to join a read-a-long where you have to read 8 novels. Yes, please, I would like to have my head examined right about now…

But see, I’ve wanted to read the Dark Tower series since I was a little girl. Or well, maybe not a little girl but a teenager and a not very old one at that. And we own the 7 of them, haven’t yet bought the latest published one but we have the rest.

And I like Stephen King. He’s one of my favorite authors. And the villain from The Stand, Randall Flagg, is supposedly in The Dark Tower seriesAnd he’s a seriously nasty fellow.  And cool to read about! So how could I not join?

The read-a-long, the EPIC read-a-long no less, is hosted by The Stephen King Challenge blog and Michelle from The True Book Addict and you can read more about it all here. The read-a-long has already started – in fact, I should be about 100 pages into it by now… So yeah, I’m behind before I’m even started.

Here’s the reading schedule:

  • September: The Gunslinger, Book 1
  • October: The Drawing of the Three, Book 2
  • November: The Waste Lands, Book 3
  • December/January-: Wizard and Glass, Book 4
  • February: The Wind Through the Keyhole, Book 4.5
  • March/April: Wolves of the Calla, Book 5
  • May: Song of Susannah, Book 6
  • June/July: The Dark Tower, Book 7

There’s only 18 of us doing the read-a-long so far so go join and be merry – or scared senseless, as you see fit 😉

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6 thoughts on “The Epic Dark Tower Read-a-long

  1. Dark tower have always been an extremely cold water to me, every time I try to go in I dip my foot and decide not to… I still struggle with the idea of reading it or not, like you did when you were a kid.
    Thanks for the post.

    • I am afraid that I expect too much of it. King has worked on it for so long, it was the one he knew he wanted to finish before he died – what if it isn’t any good??? But I have to know…

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