August 2012 – Monthly Wrap Up

August has been bad. Plain and simple. I simply haven’t read anything. Or – only two books. Two books. And not very thick ones at that.

Sighs. For the first time this year, I’m behind. 2 books behind. So I need to read quite a bit more in the next months. I only read 894 pages – which is only about half of what I hope to do each month. I did read about half of The Mists of Avalon but didn’t finish it so that doesn’t really count – and even if I did count those 500 pages, it would still not be a lot of pages read. And the worst part is that I don’t know why I didn’t read more. I want to read a book a week, give or take. That is, some books take a bit longer, some I can finish quicker. And even though I read every day, I just don’t read enough. I have to try and figure out a way to read more in September! Especially since this monthly complaining about not reading enough, is getting rather repetitive!

As mentioned above I made it through 2 books this month… Yes, I still don’t know how to explain that!

  1. Paul Kropp: How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life. Excellent, although a bit old-fashioned, book about getting your child to read. Luckily, your own reading helps! 4 stars.
  2. Iris Murdoch: The Message to the Planet. My first Iris Murdoch and what a fascinating author she is. Great book about a group of friends, a maybe miracle and how much you should accept in your marriage … Or more accurately about the relations between people and how we make sense of our lives. 4 stars.

I finished the Mount TBR Reading Challenge. I challenged myself to read 25 books bought before January 2012 and I’ve done it. 25 books read from my shelves. Nice! So now I need to finish my Neil Gaiman Challenge, the Clarissa read-along and my private reading challenge. I’m definitely going to finish the first two – my own challenge is the one I’m struggling with. I still need to read 20 books more this year, 10 from my list as well as making sure that my to-read list dips below 181 – it’s currently at 187… So this is the tough one. (And now, Tyler Hamilton has published his book, The Secret Race, and since I read several books about professional cycling and Tour de France earlier this year, I really want to read this one too… Sighs … One more!)

And I haven’t even glanced at Clarissa this month … Next month, I promise!

It’s going to be a bit of a fight from now one  to reach my goals and read all the books I want to, since I’m starting a new job on Monday. Luckily, I can commute by train and that means, I’ll have about an hour a day of commute time, i.e. reading time! I’m crossing my fingers that it will all work out so I’ll still have some reading time – and blogging time!

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