Top Ten Bookish Confessions

For the second week in a row, I’m participating in the Top Ten Tuesday meme hosted on the The Broke and the Bookish blog. I’m quite proud of myself! The theme this week is bookish confessions and when I first read it, I thought … nothing. I was completely clueless – I had nothing to confess. But since then … well, let’s just say that I have thought up some confessions. Deep dark secrets … Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. When I was younger, I read quite a lot of Barbara Cartland novels. Even at the time, I knew they were very formulaic and planned almost schematically – but I didn’t care. I loved them. It started because I watched some of the movies – and then I just went on to the books. I remember that you could buy them in kiosks rather cheaply … and so I did. Eventually, I grew a bit embarrassed about it and I’m not sure I own any of her novels anymore … Or if I do, they’re hidden away in a closet at my mom’s.
  2. When I was younger, I read a couple of Maeve Binchy novels. Circle of Friends and a couple of others. And I really liked them. But somehow I got the idea that Binchy wasn’t a proper author – or at least, that she wrote chick lit or the like and that I was too intellectual or whatever to read that. So I gave up reading Binchy and hasn’t touched one of her books in years. Silly, isn’t it? I do still own Circle of Friends so I might at some point reread it and see what I really think.
  3. Years ago, I bought the Ghormenghast trilogy by Marvin Peake in a thick, black paperback edition. A friend had recommended it and so I bought it. I just didn’t like it. At all. Read 100 pages or so and then just quit and never tried again. So at some point, I gave it away to my then boyfriend (as we were splitting up, as I recall). And I regret it. So much. Because now I want to read it again. I’ve been reading a bit about it, I’ve been reading about how they’ve discovered a forth volume, I have read about Peake’s drawings and how they inspired the books. And I want to read it… and own it. So I have to buy it. Again!
  4. I try to remember to write my name and date in all books I buy. At least the year. For a while, I always wrote with a red pen – now it’s black more often than not. If the book is fiction, I don’t write anything else in it. If its non fiction, I underline and write comments, draw smilies etc.
  5. I have never read The Diary of Anne Frank. I wanted to read it when I was younger but my mom wouldn’t let me borrow her copy because she felt I was too young. And therefore, I have never have read it. A couple of years ago, I was in Amsterdam and of course visited the Anne Frank House and it was moving in so many ways. I bought a copy of the book, the new edition, at her house and I will read it. Some day.
  6. As a teenager, I found Erica Jong’s Fanny Hill novel at the library. I rented it – and read it in secret, not wanting anyone what to know that I was reading such a novel. I actually ended up renting it more than once – and reading it more than once. Never told anyone – before now…
  7. As a kid, I had a favorite author. Astrid Lindgren. I read her novels over and over and over. Especially The Brothers Lionheart and Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter. I loved these two books. I think I read them more than 15 times each. I still love them – and my oldest daughter is in fact named Ronja.
  8. When I was a child, one of my teachers was very worried about me. See, I was reading 5-10 novels at the same time and she just couldn’t believe how anyone could that. So she was worried something was wrong with me. I remember having a small pile of books lying next to my bed and reading in several of them each night, before falling asleep. I don’t do that anymore – these days I prefer only reading one novel at a time. I don’t know when I stopped – or if it was influenced by that teacher…
  9. Library fines… Yeah I have paid my part. Maybe even paid for a small library. And it’s silly. All the money I’ve paid because I returned books too late – and I could have used that money to buy books I could keep. Part of it is laziness – I just didn’t get around to returning the books on time. Parts of it was actually having a paper to finish for which I needed certain books and therefore couldn’t return them…
  10. I read in bed every night. I always lie on my back and hold the book with both hands. Now, you would think that if I fell asleep lying like this, I would drop the book on my face and wake myself up. Not so. I can sleep quite a while like this, keeping my book perfectly still…

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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Confessions

  1. I also read in bed, but never fall asleep reading. Strangely. Actually I do sometimes find myself staring blankly at the page and then I know it’s time to sleep. I always used to write the date I buy a book in the front, and then I stopped. No idea why. I think I’ll start that up again.

    • I like both writing the date and my name in the book. It may be a way of initiating the book in my library … I don’t know. I do sometimes find myself reading the same page over and over – or even the same sentence – and sometimes, I fall asleep and wake up and read a bit further. Luckily, most nights, I just read!

  2. I love Ronia too! And I love that you named your daughter after her.

    It’s interesting how much less well known Ronia is than Pippi. (Who is of course wonderful too.) I haven’t encountered The Brothers Lionheart though. I’ll have to track that one down.

    • The Brothers Lionheart is a wonderful book. It’s about two brothers dying and battling evil in an afterlife. And yeah, Pippi is extremely well-known – as is Emil. I think these two are the best known. Not my favorites at all. I also love Mio My Son.

  3. I read in bed like that to try and discourage myself from falling asleep because I lack the talent of holding the book up. It falls on my face if I nod off! I named my son after a literary character too.

  4. Love it – I have read many of the same books and had the same affection towards Astrid Lindgren’s books – would read them over and over again. Especially The Brothers Lionheart 🙂
    Great post – thank you!

    • Astrid Lindgren was a wonderful author and The Brothers Lionheart is just amazing. Ronja is actually really liking Madicken (she was called Grynet in Denmark when I was growing up – I think she’s called Maggie in English) and her grandmother is getting her the book for her birthday. I’m so glad to be able to share my childhood’s favorite author with her!

  5. I used to read in bed on my back until I continually fell asleep; whenever I feel asleep holding the book up, my arms slowly came down and the book always covered my face. As soon as it did, I woke up and was terrified someone was kidnapping me.

    Suffice it to say, I use three pillows behind my neck and back and sit up in bed reading now.

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