Literary movie of the year?

Or at least the one, I’m most excited about.

Oh yeah, baby. Look how beautiful this trailer is? It’s so gorgeous!

And yes, I know Les Miserables is out this year too and The Great Gatsby as well – but I haven’t read either of these (yet – I own both of them), and I have read Life of Pi and I know that Ang Lee, the director, is able to make extremely beautiful and aesthetically pleasing movies – as this trailer is a proof of.

So I’m excited. This one, I have to see! In a cinema! So grandparents, get ready. When this one comes to a theater near me, I’m going!

Anybody else excited?

2 thoughts on “Literary movie of the year?

  1. I wonder though, if the movie is going to stick to the story of the book. Because from watching the trailer, it seems like a “boy befriends tiger while stuck in a life boat in the middle of the ocean” type of movie…LOL.

    • I don’t know how they will make the ending … I think that will either make or break the movie. But it will be a pretty pretty movie, I’m sure so I’m really looking forward to it. I just hope the movie captures the essence of the book.

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