Wishing for 1000

So I’ve written about my to-read list before (Being Bad and The never-ending to-read pile) but I’ve never written about my wish list. The concept of my wish list is very simple. If I see a book I’m interested in reading, it goes on my wish list. Books go off the wish list if I buy them or – less often – loose interest in them. About 1,5 years ago, I felt like my wish list was getting out of control and I went through it, deleted quite a bit of books from it. And since then, I’ve just kept adding more and more books until just the other day, I realized that I had made it to 999 books. 999 books I’m interested in reading! So I knew I wanted to do something to mark when I reached 1000. I’m just not sure if I want to celebrate it … or cry!

Anyways, yesterday, I read a twitter about John Lanchester’s new novel Capital. I went to goodreads to check it out and, well, it caught my fancy enough for me to add it to my wish list. The book focuses on the people living in one street in London and how the financial crisis has changed their life. One day, a note is dropped into every letterbox saying ‘We want what you have’… So this is the book that’s my number 1000 on my wish list. Cue the balloons and party hats! Or tissues.

What this means is, that my wish list is just as much out of control as my to-read list. And I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Any suggestions? Do I just keep on adding books or do I do a purge of the wish list to see, if there’s any books on it I’m no longer interested in?

I’m still not sure if I want to celebrate or cry – but Capital sounds great! I guess the real question is whether the 999 other books are great too …

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