The Missing Urge

I’ve talked before on this blog about my love for buying books (here for instance). I love it. I love browsing book stores as well as online shops. But something has happened.

My birthday was just recently and I got three identical charms for a bracelet – so of course, I returned two of these and now, I have book buying money. Only thing is, I don’t seem to want to. I have been looking at online book stores and wondering about some of the books I know they have in the bookstore. But I haven’t bought any.

I’ve picked out 6 books that I really want and I know there are a lot of more, I equally really want. There’s the new John Irving, there’s the next in both the Outlander and the Magicians series. There’s The Night Circus which I have been recommended from several people. And then Ready Player One and The Slap – both books I am very eager to read. But … I’m not pressing checkout even though I have my birthday money to use for this.

Now why is this? Well, one of my goals for this year is to bring my to-read list down. Way down. I started the year with 181 books on it and now, it’s down to 174 (not counting the one I had a friend buying for me and the books I got for my birthday – I really need to add these to my to-read list). Anyway, my list is down to 174 and I like that. I like to see the number go down. I love to see the number being in the lover 170s. And I feel like I’ve worked hard for it. So why should I spoil it by buying new books, more books?

Now, this is a new feeling for me. Usually, nothing can stop me from buying books. The more, the merrier. But lately, I have had this new and different feeling. This feeling of just wanting to actually read the books I own and not keep on buying. It has been easy because I haven’t had any spare money lying around, just waiting for me to buy books with. And I have been trying to be responsible and not just go and buy books anyway.

But now, I have money for books. And I’m still not buying. It’s a very weird feeling. Wonder how long it will last!!!

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