Dickens Bicentenary

On February 7th this year, Dickens would have been 200 years old – if he had lived. Of course he didn’t, but still I want to celebrate this bicentenary. The plan is to read a lot of books by Dickens or related to Dickens in some way as well as watch some Dickens tv. My focus is going to be on The Mystery of Edwin Drood since I’m extremely fascinated by this story and have been wanting to read it for several years. I have been postponing reading it because I wanted to read some of Dickens’ other works before reading this final novel. Now I’ve read David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol and I plan on reading Hard Times – and I just can’t wait anymore.

Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Read Charles Dickens: Hard Times
  • Read Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  • Read Dan Simmons: Drood
  • Watch the Dr Who episode The Unquiet Dead
  • Watch BBCs new version of The New Mystery of Edwin Drood (read more about it here)
  • Also – if I have the time, I would like to read Matthew Pearl The Last Dickens

So all in all, this might be more of a The Mystery of Edwin Drood month than Dickens month – but I’m good with that!

On Dickens 2012 you can find info about the official celebration of Charles Dickens 200th birthday.

Are you planning on reading anything by Dickens this month?

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