The Big City Book Club

As mentioned before, New York Times has started a book club – the Big City Book Club. Ginia Bellafonte is in charge and every six weeks or so, she decides which book to feature and then people can comment on her blog. All the books chosen will be about New York City in some way or other. The fourth book chosen is  A Walker in the City by Alfred Kazin. I have no plans to read this book so I’m skipping it and waiting for the fifth installment.

I know it’s chickening out to not read this book. Or at least I feel that when you’re part of a book club, you should read all the books – not only the ones you’re already interested in. But – this is not a normal book club for once and I have so many other books I would rather be reading so I’m going to continue to justify this decision to myself and just wait for February when the next book is chosen (and hope that’s a book I am interested in!).

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