And here we go again …

You might ask yourself ‘is she ever going to be finished with this?’, and the answer might possibly be ‘no’. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 2012 looks to be an amazing book year and I keep finding books that are must reads this year. So here we go again … The exciting and different thing about this list, however, is that I don’t know any of the authors featured on it. I’m really looking forward to making their acquaintance. Also I promise that this is the last of these New Books 2012 posts that I’ll do … for now. Now I’ll start focusing on getting some of these books read!

  • Ben Marcus: The Flame Alphabet. What if the words your children says to you are toxic? What if you have to live separate from your children to avoid the harmful effects of their language? That is the premise of this novel and it sounds amazing!
  • Ramona Ausubel: No One Is Here Except All of Us. In 1939, the people of a small Jewish town in Romania tells each other stories to imagine a new and better world and will reality out of existence.
  • Lars Iyer: Dogma. This is the follow-up novel to Spurious which was about two men (one named Lars Iyer) searching for meaning, a leader and quality gin in what they believe to be The End of Times. Both sounds intriguing.
  • Koonchung Chan: The Fat Years. In Beijing’s near future, an entire month disappears. Only a few wonder what happened to the disappeared month. Sounds perfect for my continued China theme reading.
  • John D’Agata & Jim Fingal: The Lifespan of a Fact. (Non-fiction). This examines the differences between accuracy and truth in non-fiction. It sounds very different from anything else out there.

(And at least two of these are coming out already this month!!! Chan Koonchung The Fat Years and Ben Marcus The Flame Alphabet are being published in January!)

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2 thoughts on “And here we go again …

  1. Ben Marcus is rad. Age of Wire and String is one of my favorite books ever.

    Also, there’s an excerpt from “The Lifespan of a Fact” in this month’s Harper’s which got me really interested. I googled around and ended up here…

    • Hey Eric. Age of Wire and String sounds really intriguing. Weird in a good way. And yeah, The Lifespan of a Fact is a must-read this year, I think. It actually sounds a bit like if you read both The Lifespan of a Fact and Age of Wire and Spring, you’ll get two very different takes on what non-fiction is … Could be interesting!

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