Liebster Blog Award

I haven’t exactly figured this blog award thing out. I always get very happy when people acknowledge my blog and the work I put in it so I’m always grateful and excited when someone nominate me to an award. But at the same time, I don’t read a lot of blogs so I feel a bit awkward having to pass it on. I view it as kind of shout-out to fellow bloggers and as a well of drawing attention to bloggers that inspire me so I try to give it to the bloggers I feel do the best job. But it is a weird thing since a lot of bloggers don’t like these awards … Anyway, I want to thank Cindy from Bookworms Read More Books for nominating me and for the nice things she wrote about my blog. I didn’t know about her blog before she nominated me but I’ve subscribed to it because it looks interesting.

And – I want to pass the glory on to 5 other bloggers.

  1. A Striped Armchair: Eva reads a lot of books and our tastes are not exactly similar so I can get some new inspirations from her. She has a section of her blog called ‘Assembling her Atheneum’ where she writes about her favorite authors, and I really like this.
  2. Sarah Reads Too Much: Sarah doesn’t accept awards anymore and I think she has a log of readers already and doesn’t new the extra attention. Still, this award is about blogs I love and this is one. I’ve read it for a while now and again, she inspires me by writing about all kinds of books – not just the same ones that I read. She’s also the host of the Back to the Classics Challenge which is now getting ready to start it’s second year.
  3. Lovely Little Things: I’ve been reading Amanda’s blog since she nominated me to The Versatile Blogger Award and her blog is a fascinating mix of books and cats. For some reason however, it doesn’t seem that Google Reader like her blog so my subscription doesn’t quite work… Still – don’t trust Google Reader, trust me and it is worth reading.
  4. The Book Lady’s Blog: Rebecca has a really interesting book blog with great and inspiring reviews.
  5. Keiko Lynn: To prevent this being only about books, I added a fashion blog. The only fashion blog I read. I like Keiko Lynn’s style and her writing – and her love of dogs. I’ve followed her for half a year or so and although I don’t know much about fashion, I like it.

As a help to my nominees, here’s the 5 rules for the Liebster Blog Awards.

Rule number 1:  Post the award banner on your site.

Rule number 2:  Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter in your blog.

Rule number 3:  Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

Rule number 4:  Give your top 5 picks to receive the award.

Rule number 5:  Leave a comment on each of your top 5 picks blogs to let them know that they have been nominated.

6 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

    • Thanks Cassie. I think I did too 🙂 There’s so many blogs out there, so many talented bloggers. It’s not hard to find ones to nominate if you have a little time to look at blogs but I always feel I’m overlooking someone. Like your blog – so far I love the name of it and I’ll go read now.

  1. I just got back from vacation, and I as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t comment from my phone! But I wanted to say thank you so very much for thinking of me, and your kind words. You really made my day when I first saw this. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    and Happy New Year! 😉


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