The easy, the good – and the downright scary. 3 new books.

Well, despite having more than enough books on my shelves I haven’t read yet, I’ve just acquired three more.

Yesterday, I was looking for some books for my daughter in the best book store in town (got 4 for her – we read them all when she got home yesterday) and I bought Inkheart by Cornelia Funke for myself. I love the idea of the book about a person being able to read characters from books alive – it kind of sounds like a ya version of Thursday Next so even though it has gotten some mixed reviews, I’ll give it a go.

Then today in the mail, I got two classics. I’ve been wanting to read Orlando by Virginia Woolf for ages – or at least since 1992 when the movie (with Tilda Swinton) came out and I first heard of the novel. Looking forward to this one!

And also in the package was Ulysses by James Joyce. 1195 pages long (not counting the introduction and a short history of the text). I got an Annotated Student Edition (wasn’t what I ordered but an annotated version of this book is probably not the worst thing in the world). I did sign up for the Jousting with Joyce challenge at Fizzy Thoughts so I had to get the book – and now I have to read it as well! Should be interesting!

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